How To Get A HOT Girl To Like You

Learning how to get a hot girl to like you is about as easy as learning how to get an average girl to like you.

It really is. Sometimes you can use the same techniques but usually hot girls require a completely different set of tactics.

One isn’t necessarily more difficult than the other, the two are just different. However, dealing with hot girls is a bit more fun. And rewarding.

The best part about getting a hot girl to like you is that you don’t have to be a pretty boy.

I notice that the average girls are the ones who want the more handsome guys because the good looking guys get the attention.

The average girl wants to be seen with the hot guy so she looks popular and all her friends will be jealous.

Hot girls are already getting all the attention so they don’t need to be seen with the hot guy.

How to get a hot girl to like you when you’re an average joe

Most guys, when trying to get the attention of a hot girl attempt to treat her like the princess she thinks she is, and that’s what she wants. Guys will suck up to her, kiss her ass and buy her gifts and constantly pamper her.

That usually doesn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, they love the attention.

But if you want her to be interested in you, doing all the things the other guys are doing, the things she expects every guy to do will not work.

Do those things and you’re just another guy acting the exact same way every other guy is acting.

Hot girls have been spoiled their entire lives and guys have been giving them extra special attention since day one. Not only are they used to it, they expect it. From everyone.

Learn how to get a hot girl to like you by doing things differently. By doing the same tired old things all the other men and boys in her life are doing in an attempt to get her interested is going to result in the same as all the others. Nothing. Sure, she may call on you if she needs something, but she’ll only be using you.

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